E-Commerce apps convert 3x more than websites

Mobile represents + 50% of web traffic.
Thinking of mobile commerce first is now a must.

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Instant communication channels


Having easy access to your clients is a native feature of our Shopping Apps: with Push Notifications being a highly visible marketing tool. Easily installed and enabling your clients to purchase your products with a simple click.

Text Messages and email templates are available in your back office. Your target is always just a click away.

Deliver the best customer experience on mobile

with integrated features boosting your conversion rate


Auto Login

With integrated login, your customers identify themselves only once. Then, they are immediately recognized each time the application is launched. 


App Search

Exploit all the search capabilities of your clients mobiles by enabling vocal search and search history.


Optimised Navigation

Intuitive navigation between menus entirely dedicated to mobiles and a catalog easily scrolled through by a flick of the thumb.


Push Notification

Direct contact with your clients on their mobile. Push is an amazing tool to nudge your clients and redirect them to your app in one click.



Attract your customers with targeted discounts. The powerful rules engine allows you to set optimal discounts for each of your marketing actions.


Permanent Cart

Your client is always recognised by your app and the cart always active. Forgot to finalise it? it can now be done it instantly


One-Click Checkout

With Digital Wallets, the most efficient CheckOut on the web, optimise your client experience and boost your conversion rate.

Quick Share

Be part of Social Commerce by allowing your clients to share a link of your products in the blink of an eye. Quick Share: intuitive and efficient.

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One-Click CheckOut:
the best way to convert

Nearly 50% of cart abandonments happen at the payment stage.

With the integration of Digital Wallets (Apple Pay and card saved by browser -Payment Request API) in your Shopping Apps, payment is done in a click. With Apple Pay, payment is very easy: a look is enough to validate a transaction.

Be at your best on every device

App Store and Google Play

Your Shopping App is developed for iOS and Android. It benefits from GoodBarber expertise in Native Apps. Your Apps will be available in the App Store and Google Play. Your app benefits from the App Store Optimisation (ASO) and client reviews.

PWA: On the Web

Perfect complement to Native Apps, Progressive Web App (PWA) offer a multiplatform interface to your users: they can access your site no matter their device. PWA also benefit of the traditional SEO indexing.

Ensure your visibility on any sales channel and device

100% native app available on

Progressive App fully responsive

A complete eCommerce platform

The one-stop-shop app