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How can an app help your business more than just a mobile-friendly website

At Client Hall we highly value company's communication with its customers. Often this interaction is done through the management of social networks, but since the emergence of applications, habits are changing. Today we have bank apps to pay bills and access statements, relationship apps to meet new people, transportation apps that take us across Dublin, as well as food apps that allow us to order food directly from the most diverse Dublin restaurants. More and more we have easier shopping and services in the palm of our hands.

With that in mind, you may already be wondering if it's not time to look for a digital marketing agency that does app development for your company, right? Probably some customer may have already asked if your company does not have its own application.

There are still those who have doubts whether it is worth investing in a mobile friendly site or in an application. It is important that you understand that applications have been tools responsible for a real change in the way companies deal with their customers, whether in creating new ones, or in retaining old customers.

What is the difference between the website and the application?

With a good developer you can make a website that navigates well on mobile, but there are important differences that must be considered in the experience that the customer will have on the website or in the application.


The mobile application is software that the customer must install on their cell phones, and in most cases it is necessary for the user to register to have access. It offers several types of interaction and benefits, being very useful for companies.

After the user downloads the app, he reduces the use of data from the internet, which encourages the customer to use the app or instead of going to other sites. A determining factor is that apps must be compatible with all operating systems, such as Android, iOS and others.

Mobile site

This is an adapted version of a conventional website, which fits perfectly on any cell phone screen size, and is optimized to make navigation easier. It works for companies that just want to offer basic or institutional information, and that do not necessarily need continuous interaction with their customers.

How can an app help your business grow?

One of the biggest benefits that an application can give to a company is customer loyalty. With the use of the tool they get in touch with you more easily, which creates more credibility and proximity.

Through the app it is possible to enrich relationships, increase engagement, in addition to making your brand literally fixed on the screen of your customer's mobile device.

4 reasons your company should look for an app development

Client Hall, with all its know-how as a specialist in digital services, brought a short list with some reasons for you to search for a marketing agency and create your application.

1 - Loyalty customers

When downloading the app the user will always have it easily available on his cell phone

2- Ease of obtaining information

Customers will provide information, and they will get information from your company quickly

3 - Attract an interested audience

The customer who will download the application is really interested in the company

4- Shorten paths

The company will be available to the customer at any time, from anywhere

Are you convinced yet? Look for one of Dublin's best marketing agencies, Client Hall, and get your ideas off the ground. Your company's application will be a hit with new and old customers.

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