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Best tips to increase your e-commerce reach and sales

Creating e-commerce can be your first step towards fulfilling your dream of entrepreneurship. On the other hand, it can also be a big step for your existing business to conquer the virtual world as well. The internet is a place full of opportunities, but also full of challenges. Therefore, your strategies have to be well-designed for you to succeed.

And it was with this in mind that we made this practical guide with the best tips for you to boost sales and reach your e-commerce. Let’s go!

1 - Create killer ads

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself when was the last time you consciously reviewed your ads? Or rather, have you already accessed your ads, putting yourself in the customer's shoes? Not? So start there. Do research as if you were going to buy something and, from the experiences in your navigation, create your own differentiation strategies.

2 - Take care of stock: availability, agreements and costs

Available stock means convenience for the customer. Inventory is also money, and stopped money does not generate results. Have you ever stopped to calculate the turn and how much it costs you today? Do you explore all possible models or agreements with logistics providers? Maybe you should already be doing cross-docking, drop shipping, pick-up store and other models.

3 - Be clear about the Pricing and Commissioning Rules

Do you know all the costs and expenses you have today? Who are your margin thieves? Without that clarity, you may be “paying” to sell a product and not realize it. When pricing, don't act on instinct!

4 - Value your relationship with carriers

Everyone cares about maintaining proximity with the product manager at the supplier, with the account manager at the marketplaces... but what about the logistics partner? When was the last time you had lunch with your main transporter? When was the last time you ensured that your customer received the tracking code for your merchandise as quickly as possible?

5 - Worry about the reputation of reverse logistics

If your customer today needed to make an exchange or return in your store, would he or she buy again after this experience? Unfortunately, most of the time our focus is on facilitating the purchase, and we forget to anticipate post-purchase problems, and this is where the reputation is built. Worrying about this is a way to make rebuys much more frequent.

6 - Remember commercial profitability

You probably know one or more stories of companies that were growing in e-commerce, selling more and more and quickly disappearing in the market. What margin mistakes did these companies make? Did you have the wrong product today? Take care of the contribution margin of each sale, each product and each channel.

7 - Control your Product Mix and ABC Curve

What products could you be exploring better today? Focus on driving results! Stop and observe which products have the most sales representation, how many items in the announced mix are sold in each channel, and what is the ranking of all this comparing sales volume and margin.

8 - Manage your cash flow

When was the last time you studied whether your operation is holding up? Analysing your cash is a precious way to anticipate and better establish deadlines with suppliers and marketplaces.

9 - Plan your budget

Of course, selling well is always great, but have you ever stopped to think about how much that makes your expenses go up? How much are you spending on suppliers and taxes? Is this sustainable? Strive to measure and control the relationship between these accounts.

10 - Analyse the operation in real-time

Does your system now give you all the necessary information in an agile and accurate way? It could be that you are working for your system. Investing in IT is as important as investing in logistics, don't lose sight of the information!

Did you like the killer tips? By following these 10 tips, you can have more control over your e-commerce and information transparency. But remember: what will make a difference is how often you will practice it! So don't give up on consistent management.

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