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Mobile app development: why it will become essential and how to keep up

Mobile development is no longer a luxury and has long been a necessity for companies. In an increasingly competitive and constantly expanding market, companies that want to grow and be a reference in the area in which they operate need to have digital transformation as an ally.

However, mobile development presents big challenges. Before reaping the benefits that mobility brings, it is necessary to overcome some barriers. And being prepared for this is essential. In this article, we've broken down the main challenges you'll face in application development. Costs, infrastructure and even labour are some of the points you need to pay attention to. Good reading!

What is mobile technology?

Mobile technology is the one that allows the user to move while using it. In the corporate environment, this mobility enables more assertive management of the business, as it allows the user to manage the company anytime and anywhere. So, mobile development is about creating this technology.

As it is increasingly important in the daily lives of people and companies, mobile technology is no longer seen as just a resource and has become a necessity. Today it is possible to integrate the desktop with the mobile, in an innovative way, and thus increase productivity and offer a personalized experience for the customer.

How important is mobile software development?

The popularization of smartphones has contributed to more people using mobile devices. As the trend is that users become increasingly mobile and companies use technology to optimize functions, it will be up to developers to create apps capable of meeting this demand. Not only to optimize tasks and help with corporate management, mobile software development is also important to keep the customer one step ahead of the competition.

Trends in mobile development

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning: offering smart features is what will add value to your mobile solution. Therefore, investing in artificial intelligence and machine learning is important to make your product more modern and valued compared to competitors.

  • Wearables: devices that can be “wearable” or integrated into the user's body (smartwatches, wristbands and virtual reality glasses). The success of this technology is linked to the integration of the operating system with the Internet of Things, which allows the management of various digital objects.

  • Application Performance Measurement (APM): application Performance Measurement is concerned with monitoring and managing application performance and availability. If the developer does not do this management, he cannot guarantee the availability and quality of the software.

  • Augmented Reality: augmented reality is related to the integration of virtual elements or information to the mobile device. This technology offers richer user experiences as it is used to optimize everyday environments or situations.

  • Payment Gateway: a service aimed at large businesses, online stores and SaaS systems. On the device, a financial operator is responsible for authorizing payments for online transactions on websites of companies or individuals.

Tip: your app needs to have a differentiator

This is the main challenge in mobile development. Before taking your idea off the paper, stop and think for a moment. Will my app really have a difference? With billions of users and millions of apps in the app stores, doing more of the same is hardly enough to get the visibility you want.

In every segment of technology, there is already a range of apps that perform the most diverse functions. Finding something new to implement – ​​and that solves any problem of any kind – is an extremely difficult task, but it is necessary when looking for success.

How to migrate my desktop software to mobile

If you want to offer a differentiated product to the customer but are having difficulty developing the application, don't worry. It is now possible to migrate your desktop software to mobile without any hassle. You can invest in a turnkey solution, for example, and help your team save time and ensure that your software is maintained and updated. Everything is a practical, fast and safe way.

If you don't know a tool that is capable of doing this, know that we here at Client Hall Agency are experts in web development, mobile application development and even Progressive Web Apps. Contact us and make your quote to reach more people every day and increase your sales, generating loyal customers.

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