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How to create a powerful social media strategy to increase sales

Surveys show that more than a billion people in the world use them as social networks. Brazilians are the second largest population to spend more time on the internet. According to the next, the number of social media users has increased by 9% since last year.

Social networks are part of people's lives. That's why they became essential communication tools to attract and retain customers. With that in mind, he prepares five tips for you to improve your sales using these channels. Check out.

1. Know how to use each communication channel

It is essential to understand the particularities of each social network. Use them in the best way possible and add value to your company's communication. For example:

  • Instagram: show the daily business with short photos and videos. You can use and abuse hashtags (#). They can expand your company's reach and make your brand better known. Use hashtags that relate to what you do. Also, seek support from digital influencers and promote sales aligned with WhatsApp.

  • YouTube: is one of the most consumed networks. Allows you to explore videos in different formats: series, interviews, content on how to do something and much more.

  • Facebook: it is a tool that can reinforce the company's digital presence through interaction with customers. Furthermore, promoting your company through this channel has a relatively low cost.

  • WhatsApp: it's not a social network, but it deserves to be mentioned. In it, you can invite your customers through social networks and get more information via this app, allowing for personalized negotiation. But be careful with this interaction. It must be done consciously and not invasively.

It is currently one of the best platforms for advertising. A dynamic and up-to-date network is one of the best sites to easily spread content and create engagement with your followers. But you must assess whether it makes sense for your business. It's a social network that has a more journalistic feel, sharing information in real-time.

2. Quality communication

Social networks are very visual spaces. That's why it's nice to use good quality images and materials and think about actions focused on interaction, which is essential to gain public engagement. So let your creativity go.

You don't only need to publish content directly related to your product, this is far from ideal. Expand your themes and bring relevant information to your audience. For example, if you have a clothing store, post fashion trends, interesting colour combinations, etc.

3. Sales channels

It is not essential to have e-commerce to have a strong presence on social networks. However, it is up to the entrepreneur to assess the real need and feasibility of developing this sales channel.

Each channel has a purpose and generates an opportunity. But remember that there are rules you should be aware of when regulating your business. Therefore, analyse what is most interesting for your company according to your reality.

It is possible to market products through social networks. As we highlighted in the first tip, you can advertise on Instagram, forward via WhatsApp, and close the sale there using an online payment method. Make good planning and organize yourself so that you don't harm the client or your business.

4. Management

There are several tools you can use to support social media management. For example Buffer, Swonkie, SKEDit, Hootsuite, Cyfe. They aim to schedule posts, monitor metrics, measure page reach, track follower evolution, and measure engagement. It is interesting to use the business profile to analyse this data. Thus, you make more assertive management of your networks.

It's also worth boosting your posts. Make sponsored publications. They allow you to target the message to a wider audience, which could not be reached organically. Furthermore, it is possible to target a certain communication to a well-defined audience without appearing on your profile's timeline. It's called the “dark post”.

5. Target audience

It is essential to define the profile of the target audience you want to reach to have more effective and efficient communication. Social media allows information to be targeted very precisely to a very specific audience. This is not the case with other communication channels, such as the printed newspaper or television. They speak to the public.

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