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Web Design: what is it and how it can help increase sales

Have you ever searched for something on the web and clicked on a link that didn't load as fast as you wanted? How about when you find a page that solves your problem, but you don’t have the patience to stay there and scan the information?

All of this could be a result of a bad layout, weak typography and poor content distribution, which are elements of web design. Not investing in web design can make visitors’ experience very bad, and if you pretend to sell on the internet or even influence people, that is a big problem.

To understand this concept profoundly and see how it can help you increase sales, influence people and optimize your digital marketing strategies, stay with us!

What is web design?

Web Design is the art (or the technique) of optimizing the layout and design of online pages. Although it is customary more applied to the creation of websites, it can also help content creation. In the case of creating new pages or even entire websites, web designers create using code languages ​​such as HTML.

The visual part of the websites depends on CSS, a code language used to stylize elements written in HTML. For this reason, it is common for Web Designers to use both when building a website, because together they will define how pages will be displayed in browsers.

The website creation process can be done using tools such as Adobe Dreamweaver (which will require greater knowledge from the professional) and by CMS which are content management platforms. WordPress is one of the best known and most practical, because it has a series of templates, leaving the Web Designer to install and customize them according to what each client wants.

Main elements of web design

When we talk about a good Web Design, some points are fundamental and cannot be missing. We highlight the main ones here.

  • Responsiveness: as more and more people access the internet only by cell phone, your website must be suitable for mobile devices, that is, it needs to have good responsiveness.

  • Scanability: big blocks of text and the use of wordy sentences and complicated words can make your page too tiring to read. The algorithm sees it and your users too.

  • Typography: if right now we started to write this post with a completely different font, your reading experience wouldn't be very pleasant, right? After all, it is typography that would not be in harmony with the rest of the content. The same should apply to your website.

  • Loading speed: in a world where everyone seems to always be in a hurry, having a website that loads quickly is essential. According to Google, sites that take more than 2 seconds to load affect both the user experience and the indexing of your site.

How it helps you increase sales or influence people

Here are five benefits you can have when investing in a professional Web Design. See and evaluate if the investment is for you.

Good first impressions

Your website is the presentation of your company in digital media. Whenever a potential new customer comes to you, you are concerned about making a good first possible impression, right?

Well, with your website, the situation is no different: it must be an immediate reflection of the business. A website that is not professional means that visitors do not have a good experience and even think that the company is out of date. This will make them look for offers like yours in competitors that have a better website.

Essential for SEO processes

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the points of the digital strategy that refers to the organic optimization of your website among the current search engines, mainly Google.

When people are looking for a specific company or service that meets their needs, they search for terms on search engines like Google. Statistically, these users will visit the first pages displayed in the search result.

If your site is out of date, it means that it does not contain the specific content needed to be selected and indexed by these search engines. Therefore, having a good positioning from SEO is one of the best methods to generate new customers without having to pay for ads.

Competitive advantage

Having a professional website allows you to be among the first in your business niche in comparison to competitors who, if they do not have a website as good as yours, will always be a step back in the digital environment.

When your competitor is just beginning to realize the benefits of having a professional website, you will already have your online presence established and continue to be a leader and reference in the market.

Higher revenue generation

A professionally designed website will attract more attention and visitors. People, by nature, usually go after what attracts them and this is no different in the world of Web Design.

Therefore, it is important to have professionals in the field for the visual construction of your website, because the more people who visit it and are convinced to stay longer on it, the greater the chances of converting these visitors into customers. In other words, the greater the chance of generating revenue.

Practical and faster access to your company

Internet access is available on almost all mobile devices or tablets these days. So, having a quick and easy way for customers to find your phone number, address or contact you by email is a great business advantage that sites can offer.

Also, they can easily find out what you do and what you can offer them. You don't have to say much to get people's attention. Sometimes, you can just let the design speak for you.

Are you interested in creating a great website to increase your revenue and influence people through it? Talk to our consultants here at Client Hall!

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