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What is a booking system, the importance and how to build one for your website!

Have you ever thought about how much a booking system can make a difference in your company's processes? That's because, most of the time, it's simple changes that generate the greatest results.

Therefore, in this article, we are going to discuss the advantages of having an agenda in this format and what are the characteristics of the booking system!

After all, how does a booking system work?

The booking system was created to streamline the processes of organizing care in an office. After all, the daily flow of people, schedules, documents and face-to-face assistance can overwhelm a secretary. Thus, to facilitate data management and provide quality face-to-face reception, a secure tool, which makes everyday life easier, is essential.

It works as a platform where it is possible to:

  • schedule appointments in a personalized way (the client chooses the formatting of the agenda);

  • have remote access, lock schedules, make appointments and return or cancel appointments;

  • perform data backup for the safety of information;

  • log in from any device, whether on a cell phone, computer or tablet, online and 24 hours a day;

  • confirm the appointment at the time and schedule reminders by email and WhatsApp one day before the scheduled date;

  • automatically create an online record for you to record your clients’ private information while making appointments in an organized and safer way. So, you don't run the risk of information getting lost in files or accidents!

Reasons to adopt a booking system

Adopting a booking system will further optimize your organization. See the ripple effect of improving service and administrative processes!

Office modernization and data security

The world is changing and becoming more and more digital. Therefore, having technologies, such as a booking system, is essential for those who want to adjust as soon as possible.

In addition, your client’s data will be safe, away from physical files that can be lost or suffer from the action of an accident (fire, leaks, etc).

You can also back up data anytime you want. In other words, you can save them on multiple machines and eliminate the chance of them getting lost!

Integration of the team and more agile service

With an online system shared by the team, it's much easier to organize the working day and prepare in advance for appointments!

Have a more cohesive and agile team, always prepared with a smile on their face to receive the client.

Reminders to end absences

When making an appointment, the client receives it via SMS and e-mail requesting confirmation and the necessary data for it. And to refresh his memory, one day before the scheduled date, he receives a message reminding him of the appointment.

This goes a long way towards improving the attendance rate and provides the opportunity for the client to give advance notice if they are unable to attend!

Positioning in search engines is optimized

A platform for booking appointments on the web also works as a differentiator for your institution's website. That's because, if you take into account the SEO techniques when creating the page to receive a lot of hits, the tendency of it to appear among the first results on the search site will be greater.

This works more or less like a cycle: you publicize the platform to your clients, and they start accessing it. As the number of accesses increases, you are better positioned in searches, which leads more people to want to know your establishment.

In addition, online tagging is a great differentiator to be disseminated by social media channels, achieving an even greater reach of your target audience.

Start now!

With a built-in booking system, you allow customers to reserve time slots for various services (i.e. clinics or beauty lounges). Implement commitment fees, manage appointments and receive notifications when appointments are scheduled all from within the app. Talk to one of our consultants now!

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