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Everything about app development and why you should invest in it

The mobile application is a very important tool for the new context of companies, with the eminence of industry 4.0. Through its functionalities, combined with mobility and availability, it is possible to achieve efficiency with the automation of processes, which are decisive factors for competitiveness.

To adapt, companies need to be more proactive and continuously invest in innovation. Currently, apps are developed to support integration with other technologies, such as Augmented Reality (AR), which provides unique consumer experiences and machine learning, which can guarantee greater efficiency.

Having your app is a big advantage on the market. For that, today we are going to talk a little more about the different types of app development and why you should invest in it.

Progressive Web App x Native App x Hybrid App

Read more about the different types of app development and choose the one that makes more sense to your company.

  • Native App: it is specific for a determined type of platform and, because of that, can explore all the resources that the operating system offers, such as iOS and Android, for example.

  • Hybrid App: it is one version, one code that creates an app that works well in all types of platforms, including the web version. However, it doesn’t explore all the resources of the operating systems.

  • Progressive Web App: it is a web page that becomes more like an app every time you interact with it. It starts with a simple tab in your navigator and gets to the point where you can have geolocation, notifications, offline use, and a lot more.

If you have a robust product, the ideal for you is to choose the native app, such as large companies like Uber, Zoom, Facebook, etc. But if you want to achieve a larger number of people using a simple solution, the PWA is the perfect solution for you.

Why you should invest in app development for your company

Now that you understand the importance of app development, look at some benefits that this strategy can bring you:

Increase sales

Some companies prepare to provide unique consumer experiences. This is what happens, for example, with consumers of some furniture companies, who download the mobile application to visualize, through augmented reality, how the acquired piece would look in their home.

This same form of use is applied by opticians, to choose the best frame, appropriate to the shape of the client's face, by tattoo studios, who assist in the choice of design for the part of the body where the tattoo will be done, by architects, in projects of residences in the plant, among others.

The technology also helps in experimenting with makeup and other cosmetics and increases the sales results of brands such as Benefit, NYX and Estée Lauder. Henkel is still able to scan hair strands to check their moisture levels and history of capillary changes. Thus, it creates an exclusive formula of its products for each customer.

Provides accurate data for decision-making

With information available and released in real-time by all users involved in the processes, the accuracy of the data increases and guarantees better decision-making and lower rates of errors, losses and rework.

Therefore, it is possible to implement improvements as soon as bottlenecks are identified, increasing the performance of professionals and equipment. With efficiency and better decision-making, productivity also grows, as well as business profitability.

Currently, there is a lot of talk about the use of strategic data. Big Data emerges as an event that supports the development of increasingly adequate processes and much more agile and precise decisions.

Analytical data increases the capacity to meet the company's demands and its control requires tools that are able to compile and present reports that contain this information.

Can be integrated to increase your efficiency

The mobile application can be integrated with other technologies. In addition to the augmented reality, mentioned above, they can be used together with drones, GPS (Global Positioning System), thermal cameras, CRMs (Customer Relationship Management), among others.

This expansion of the usability of the apps guarantees even more positive results since the technology always increases efficiency when used properly.

The mobile application is an ideal solution to enable efficient processes and boost your digital marketing strategies. It does not demand robust investments, can be used in different devices, and are great allies of productivity.

Now that you know how a mobile app can change the results of your business, come talk to our consultants and streamline your business with an app for your company.

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