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Digital Marketing in Ireland: best tips and how to begin

Digital marketing is the set of communication strategies that a company can carry out over the internet to promote its products, strengthen its brand, and expand its customer portfolio.

When reality and the virtual world are increasingly rapidly (due to the phenomenon of mobility, digital transformation, and social media), the most successful sales strategies are those that use digital marketing techniques.

The flow of information on the web reaches exponential traffic. This means that, even with little investment, it is possible to reach your target audience at a speed and scale unmatched by traditional methods of attracting customers.

1. Make short videos

The public likes and even shares funny and entertaining videos of dances, voiceovers, and challenges. The success is so much in the popular taste that these short videos of 15 or 20 seconds end up conquering higher levels in social networks.

The video goes viral in such a way that it becomes a subject in people's daily lives. It becomes a topic in the circle of friends and family gatherings. What seems like a joke has become something serious and very efficient in a digital marketing strategy, as it draws the attention of all audiences: children, adolescents, and adults.

However, if you are not yet using this strong trend it is important to have an eye on it, as it is an excellent marketing strategy for 2021.

2. Combine social media and e-commerce

Social networks are so interconnected with e-commerce that they are increasingly gaining space. Proof of this has been the growth this year, both have been a success.

This combination was also due to social isolation, people had more time to surf on social media. This year, there was an increase in advertising in the interval from one publication to another of sponsored ads. And, consequently, there was an increase in sales as well.

Thus, companies have sought more social networks to promote their products. With that, the development improvements have been significant for those looking to sell online, through social networks, or even a website.

3. Make live streams

The famous lives without a doubt were a great success this year. Mainly, the musical lives that burst into the audience. This marketing idea was necessary, due to the social distance required by the health surveillance agencies due to the Covid-19 virus. But what seemed like a temporary measure has become very promising.

Celebrities and companies together have been so successful that this trend should not stop there. It should continue in 2021 and prominence, even if it is on a lower level, however with a lot of relevance.

4. Focus on voice search

Although it is not something new, voice research is very common and has grown, especially this year. According to a ComScore survey, demand through this resource would grow by around 50% this year. So keeping an eye on this resource in 2021 is fundamental.

Even when choosing digital influencers, attention must be doubled and follow the same profile of identification with the public. Thus, even distant service needs to be done close - and it is the digital personalization responsible for this. Invest!

5. Frequent investment

Anyone who has already started investing in digital marketing has undoubtedly felt the difference. Thus, anyone who thinks that anyone can do this is mistaken. The investment must be professional. Proof of this is the offers by the communication companies both in the generation and in the efficient distribution of content.

In 2021, the new trend to start investing or to invest even more will grow. In this way, those who already invest will certainly continue, because "ads" is a tool that brings results beyond those expected and at a very viable cost.

6. Artificial intelligence

Knowing how to take advantage of Artificial Intelligence tools is essential for greater visualization of your brand. In 2020, Artificial Intelligence has already been incorporated into our daily lives and the marketing trend for 2021 is to invest more in this tool to make it even more efficient.

The innovation is so great that, for example, ‘Google Analytics’ and the ads created in ‘Google Ads’ are excellent tools for success to highlight your business. Both favour even more targeted digital marketing campaigns.

7. SEO

SEO is another prevalent digital marketing trend for 2021. This is a strategy that exposes your product for free (organic exposure) from the pages of a website in the list of responses to searches carried out on the internet, through Google search engines. The tool offers extremely qualified traffic.

It is a technology that has been growing rapidly and innovating according to the new habits of consumers. And, without a doubt, it will be present in the companies' strategies for the coming year.

8. Marketing tool

We also draw your attention to the marketing tool Google My Business, a strong trend for 2021. Although not new, with a strong growth factor, Google My Business is a free tool for publicizing small and medium businesses.

A strong ally in publicizing local businesses, as it guarantees a prominent exposure on Google's response pages. It is important to be at the forefront of this tool to once again stand out from the competition.

If you liked all those tips and want to use them, but don’t know how, talk to our consultants and scale your business this year!

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